Yarn - Mora

Mora Yarn is named for the town of Mora in the Swedish province of Dalarna. Dalarna is a very traditional part of Sweden and is especially known for the technique of two-end or twined knitting, tvåändsstickning in Swedish. This special yarn is spun for two-end knitting, with the single threads spun 'S' and the ply spun 'Z'. This allows for the threads to twist and not 'corkscrew' around each other. It is especially nice worked in the traditional way, twining the two ends of the ball as the knitting is worked. This technique is most often used for mittens, gloves and socks.

Check out Anne-Maj Ling's book, Two-End Knitting, in our Patterns and Kits section.

Mora Yarn, made in Sweden, is 100% wool and is available in three natural sheep's colors. There are 328 yards in 100 g.

These natural colors are $12.00 a skein.

NOTE: Due to the nature of computer monitor settings and dye lots, colors shown on web may vary from the actual yarn.






Natural Sheep's White
Light Sheep's Gray
Dark Sheep's Gray